June 05, 2020.

Good morning everyone,

Who knew that we are right in the middle of the international decade for people of African decent!

I am guessing that by now many of you are getting tired of hearing of George Floyd. This is human nature and I am not belittling the tragic in-humane death.

I would like to present a different story.

Dave and I are multi-generational Canadians. However due to living in several areas of the country and mostly large cities we have been exposed to a more multi-cultural society than a lot of the people here in the county.

Where we raised our family in Brampton, within the first 11 houses on the street there was a family from Newfoundland, Ukraine, Germany, Jamaica, and Arabia. On our side of the street we had Italian, Newfoundland, mixed marriage Punjab and Muslim, ourselves, Jamaican, and Portuguese. I always said on Halloween the children didnít need costumes. We had United Nations at the door! Our sons were educated in a school where English was the second language but all the children were speaking English very soon. I still love sitting in the mall and hearing all the dialects and seeing the national clothing.

When we were in Grenada to build a house that had been donated for a family Dave and I were having breakfast, and watching all the beautiful black children get on the vans, to take them to school. I said to Dave ďIsnít it strange we are building a house for a white family?Ē After looking at me strangely he informed me our family was black! We had met them the night before. That was the first time I realized I was colour blind! May I always be!

Yes we have racialism in Canada; we also have a wide range of diversity in multiculturalism that we donít see much of here in the County. As the city spreads towards us letís welcome the diversity and open our hearts to our new neighbours!

Please pray with me

Creator God of all humanity,

Help us to see your plan for the world and recognize your children everywhere. Melt the hard hearts so we can be as one family. Where there is injustice let us try to bring reason, always remembering that we are all your children.

Amen, Amen.

I hope you all have a good week and if there is any need please reach out to members, family, or friends.

Sue Holmes


If you are sending donations to Janet please let her know what portion you would like sent to the food bank. 613-392-7525


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